January 29, 2014

Motion in Moderation - Motivation through Activity

At this time of year you can't move without #OperationTransformation, #BiggestLoser type programs on TV and all across the internet information on weight loss, best diet to follow and all kinds of spurious advice.

A lot of these programs and diets are 'quick fixes'. Feel good for a while, lose some weight but then the old habits slip back in slowly but surely and all that hard work goes out the window.

For many people simply being a little bit more active and being a little bit more conscious of their food (intake and quality) is enough to achieve personal goals that will be of benefit to your health in the long term.

As a child, did you have one of these?


It was a way of recording what you were doing and rewarding you for results.

Every fridge had one and the sense of achievement when you got that new toy, or treat or trip to the zoo was like magic.

Are you ready for the grown up version?

Exclusive to Amphibian King West.... we bring you

Polar Loop

Polar Loop is an Activity Tracker use it to:

Track your activity

Climb the stairs. Ride the waves. Jump over the fence. Choose what makes you move.

Polar Loop tracks all the choices you make during the day and shows how they’re good for you. It also reminds you when you’ve been still for too long.

Reach your daily goal

Check your bracelet or mobile to see how much you’re missing from your daily activity goal to continue feeling good.

Follow your achievements

Living an active life has never been this fun and easy.

Check the Polar Flow web service and learn how all your small choices and daily habits can make a world of difference.

The smart Activity Guide gives you tips on how to get there.
With obesity being such a problem for a whole series of generations, the #PolarLoop is a perfect inobtrusive activity tracker for young and old. 
You might not want to know how long you are sitting during the day, but what if you did know? If you realised you are sitting for 60% of your waking day, what would you change about your activities?
What happens if you are eating 3000kcal daily and your activity only burns 1000kcal? Reduce one and increase the other and your body will thank you.

Whether it is step counting, calorie burn or weight loss an Activity Tracker is the way to monitor and reward yourself. 

Go on give it a try!! The first delivery of Polar Loop is hitting the shelves in Amphibian King Galway and LImerick only (this is not available anywhere else in Ireland until March) if you want to change how your day progresses, you need to move a little quicker and get a Loop!!

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