February 5, 2014

#Zero25k Week 3 - Washed Away (almost!)

And the character building continues...

Not even #StormBrigid could dent the spirits of the group this morning.

So called StormBrigid in honour of St. Brigid's Day (apparently) was none too pleased at the hardcore group that turned up this morning to face into and brave the elements.

So far as we could see, no-one got blown away or dissolved like sugar in the rain. So fair play to you all.

Fingers crossed the weather will be better next week, but if it's not, will you let it stop you?

Didn't think so!! :-)

It is now up to you to carry out the work this week, ready for next Saturday:

The plan is to repeat the exact same session that we have done, twice during the week. Ideally this would be done on Tuesday and Thursday giving you a bit of rest in between the sessions.

We spoke about a few things on the way around today, most blown away in the wind but again a couple of things that are worth a recap:

  1. Running for Time NOT Distance.
  2. Practise the 'Lifesaver look'.
So many of you would have hit or came close to the 5k marker this week. Yes, the goal is "Zero-to-5k" but we have a chance to have you running a faster 5k rather than just hitting the target.

So eyes off the distance altogether. I'm running the group by the clock and the distance is incidental.

Be proud of what you are continuing, share the news on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn too, let your friends and family know that you are now a runner!!

Now to the homework!

As noted above you are to repeat the session twice next week. If Tuesday and Thursday don't suit, move the days around, leaving 1 day between sessions and keep Friday as a rest day. I want you ready and able to run again on Saturday!!!
  1. Warmup: 5 mins steady
  2. Work : 90 seconds effort
  3. Recovery : 90 seconds steady
  4. Work: 3 minutes effort
  5. Recovery : 3 minutes steady
  6. Warmdown: 5 minutes and stretching.
Repeat step 2 to 5 x2 times.

If you can't get out you can replicate the session on a treadmill. Best way to contact us is by commenting on the blog or through our Facebook page that way everyone benefits from the response.

NOTE: the wording is changing!

No longer are we 'walking' the warmup or recovery. Effort is "Easy" or "Steady". A nice slow jog to raise the heart rate and get the muscles warmed up.

We'll see you all again on Saturday (regardless of the weather we will be out and expecting to see you!)

Happy running!!

Edel & Sean

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