January 12, 2013

2013 #Zero25k Group - Week 1

Speed cameras in Oranmore?
Right now all I can say is WOW!! I'm completely blown away by the response we had to the #Zero25k email.

We had x56 people all registered for our new season #Zero25k Running Group being organised out of +Amphibian King Galway

We also had at least 20 people ringing over the course of the week desperate to join the group

Unfortunately we had to disappoint some people but we know the demand is there so we will organise a second beginners group to run immediately after this session. Bear with us, we are just trying to work out how best to manage this and a

Anyhow, lots of new faces all ready willing and eager to get started this morning. 

A short introductory chat in the shop, check that no one is using earphones (Sorry, for being the ipod police, but safety first) and after a quick group photo in front of the shop we were off on our warm up. (Bit of a laugh taking the photo, with all the reflective strips flashing, the passing cars slowed right down thinking they'd triggered a speed camera :) )

2013 #Zero25k Running Group

The session was planned as: Warmup, x8 interval of 1 minute running followed by 90 seconds recovery. 

Here's how the session looks planned out on Polar Personal Trainer:

This session when synchronised with your +Polar RCX5, RCX3 or RC3 GPS watch will take all the memory out of organising your run on the road. The wrist units will alert you to each interval, display your personal pace & Heart Rate information and ofterwards provide feedback on your progress. 

I use it with my RCX5 and with the session automatically progressing through from the start I can focus on the runners & pay less attention to managing the time.

Once back in the village we had a cool down and stretching session in the carpark beside +Amphibian King.

Also have to say a bit thank you to Susan from +Serenity Healing in Craughwell who was very quick off the mark in offering our members a very special deal on an introductory sports massage. Check them out and they're on Twitter too.
Fantastic to see so many new people become runners this morning. A little bit of hard work over the coming weeks and they will all be ready to tackle their first 5k race.

Now there's a goal for the New Year!! 

Happy running!


Anonymous said...

What settings would you use on a treadmill to replicate the run from Saturday morning? Thks

Anonymous said...

Was a great morning and the adrenaline was going for the day. looking forward to next Saturday already.

Unknown said...

Treadmill Running - if you are unable to get outside to repeat the sessions, or simply to train you can use a treadmill. The best way to use a treadmill to train for road running is to use it set to a 1% incline. If you don't have a treadmill with incline settings use two thick books (the same book) or paving bricks (80mm thick) to raise the front of the unit.

As effort will vary person to person (why heart rate is better way to train)you may need to vary the pace to suit yourself.

The current session can be easily replicated by brisk walk for 5 minutes (5/6km/hr) followed by running for 60 seconds at 9km/hr followed by 90 seconds at 6km/hr repeat 8 times and then cool down.