January 27, 2014

#Zero25k Week 2 - Blowing in the wind!

That wasn't easy! Between head winds, sideways rain and West of Ireland cold, Saturday was a 'character building' day to say the least.

Not a bad turnout and kudos to everyone who made it out. If you can't make the group on Saturday morning you really need to be hitting the sessions on your own to get the most from the program.

It is now up to you to carry out the work this week, ready for next Saturday:

The plan is to repeat the exact same session that we have done, twice during the week. Ideally this would be done on Tuesday and Thursday giving you a bit of rest in between the sessions.

I mentioned a couple of things on Saturday that are worth a recap:

  1. Run for Time NOT Distance.
  2. Practise the 'Lifesaver look'.
  3. Get to know where the dogs are on your routes.
  4. Lifesaver look, again!
Re Time not Distance - the temptation will be to push on to achieve the 5k distance ahead of the program, for your own sake, don't.

We covered 3.2k on the weekend, most of you could with relative ease hit 5k already. What we are trying to achieve is for you to be fit enough to hit 5k AND achieve a respectable time challenge too by the end of the program.

Lifesaver is so important. Be aware of who is near and around you. Extent this awareness to cars, bikes & buses. Use it to overtake, before stepping off a kerb, for your safety & awareness at night too.

If you fear dogs, carry a waterbottle. A jet of water in a dogs face will stun them long enough for you to run out of 'their' territory. All else fails throw the bottle at the dog & shout 'Fetch!!' Keep running on.

Be proud of what you have started, share the news on Facebook, let your friends and family know that you are now a runner!!

Now to the homework!

As noted above you are to repeat the session twice next week. If Tuesday and Thursday don't suit, move the days around, leaving 1 day between sessions and keep Friday as a rest day. I want you ready and able to run again on Saturday!!!

  1. Warmup: 5 mins steady
  2. Work : 90 seconds effort
  3. Recovery : 2 minutes steady
  4. Warmdown: 5 minutes and stretching.
Repeat step 2 & 3 x6 times.

If you can't get out you can replicate the session on a treadmill. Best way to contact us is by commenting on the blog or through our Facebook page that way everyone benefits from the response.

Please don't push too hard this week, settle into the training, give yourself a chance to adapt and we'll see you all again on Saturday (regardless of the weather we will be out and expecting to see you!)

Happy running!!

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