November 24, 2014

What does #gaitanalysis mean to you?


What does this name mean to you?

For a number of years now, Amphibian King has been building a reputation as THE place to go to buy your running shoes.

All of the staff in all of the stores (Bray, Ballymount & Galway ) are very keen runners or triathletes of some distance or another. We all share the same desire as you to train and race injury free. All year round.

So allow me to tell you how we do it....

Firstly, we know 'run'. We know what running does to the body and we are aware of how the body works. So we understand, you.

Secondly, we know 'shoes'. We get regular tech sessions with the running brands so, yes, we understand their shoes better than most. At the same time we all are interested in the 'what' and the 'how' of footwear or not. We are all keenly interested in running with or without shoes. This is important so we understand what makes you tick.

When you come to Amphibian King what should you expect?
When you come in to be fitted for your runners, whether you are starting out or running marathons daily, young or old, the first thing we do is NOT talk about shoes.

We want to know you, we want to know what you are doing; running, walking, track, road, trail etc. how you are doing it, your injury history (if any), your running goals for the next 6 months. All to help build a picture.

We will look at a heat scan of your arches, are you flatfooted? high arched? off balance? While looking at your feet we also measure them.

I've discussed shoe size before so we are looking at barefoot, shoe size & running shoe size. Ultimately the running shoe size is determined by the answers to the questions:
we want to know what you are doing; running, walking, track, road, trail etc. how you are doing it, your injury history (if any), your running goals for the next 6 months
We then use our eyes to watch you running. We use video capture to allow us to review your stride in slow motion. Are you neutral? Do you over pronate? How much over pronation? Are you supinating? Left foot / right foot? Lots of little clues that allow us to help you decide what category of footwear will work for you. Very often you will see these clues yourself and we love when customers get involved.

Now we know you, your feet and your running. Time to talk shoes!!

Your personal advisor will now take you through a series of footwear choices, looking at you running on the track and they will then explain what shoes you should be wearing, why they suit you and what makes those shoes right for you. Finally you get to try some on!! :-)

Again you will be doing more running, testing the shoes out, we'll check the technical bit on the camera again. But now you are fully focussed on how the shoe fits, feels, responds, reacts when you run it it.

The most important thing for us is that you make the right choices. We don't want to see you sidelined with injury. We want to see you out running. We don't want wrong footwear stopping you from doing what you love doing. This is why so many people trust us with their footwear selection. Check out the Reviews on our facebook pages.

If you have been into Amphibian King, we'd love if you would help share the experience. Did we fulfill your needs?

If you haven't been in, we'd love it if you would give us a go, trust us, to help you.

 Keep on running!
Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet. ~ Kevin Stirtz

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