November 25, 2014

#TrailTuesday Forest Runs in Galway

We all agree there is something special about #running.

Running on trails can be awesome. It can be a place where your mind resets after a stressful day, week or whatever. You just run. Your feet flow over the ground.

With time and repeated trail runs you relax and start enjoying yourself. You enjoy the release of running with nature, in nature, in your nature.

Now picture it at night with one of these:

You will now be experiencing a whole new thing, running in harmony with nature. Relaxing into the pool of light at your feet allowing your body to roll with the surface and instinctively adapting your position with each footfall.

If you haven't joined us for one of our night-time #TrailTuesday runs you are missing out on SO much fun!!

You have to give it a go. 

Check out our Google+ Event information and feel free to come along this Tuesday evening.

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