October 1, 2014

#DublinMarathon Panic Stations

Ok I posted this in jest (kind of) earlier on Facebook, but this is a serious matter.

If you are training for +Dublin Marathon and have not replaced your shoes since you started your training program 9 out of 10 times your footwear is not going to get you to the start line.

There is still 200miles worth of running to be done before that medal is hung around your neck.

Don't leave it to chance, now is the time to change your shoes so you can have them well run in before the big day.

In fairness to the Dublin Marathon organisers they have been on top of the lastminute.com entries and given plenty of warning throughout the day, including this clever "significance of 2:02:57" *tips hat* to the recent World Record in +Berlin Marathon :

Then following up an hour later with:

Well done to everyone on the media team. 

Tell us did you get your entry in in time?

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