October 2, 2014

#AskAKW... Is it too late for Dublin Marathon?

Dear AKW, 

I have struggled with injury but am now back running again. My longest run to date is just over 14 miles. Do you think I should be ready for Dublin Marathon in 4 weeks?

Troubled Runner

Dear Troubled Runner,

Sorry to hear of your injury issues, glad to hear that they are being resolved.

If we change 'should' into 'could' we might be able to work something out. Unfortunately your injury has left you very pressed for time and you will not have enough long runs in the legs.

My strategy, if you are intent on earning your medal, would be to use a mixed approach to the marathon. If you have comfortably run 14 miles in training since your return to training I would use this as a cornerstone to a walk / run approach.

Assuming that you have relative cardio fitness I would suggest that you run a mile and (speed) walk a mile, you will be in better shape and possibly be comfortable enough to run the last couple of miles once you conserve your 'running legs'.

Don't forget your nutrition, you will be on the road for 5 / 6 hours so you will need to eat. Best of luck, let us know how you get on.

Happy running :)

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