January 20, 2014

#Zero25k Week 1 - We're under way for a new season.

Well done everyone on a great turnout on Saturday morning! 

Just a heads up to expect a little bit of sore muscles going on for a couple of days, but nothing too unpleasant.

It is now up to you to carry out the work this week, ready for next Saturday:

The plan is to repeat the exact same session that we have done, twice during the week. Ideally this would be done on Tuesday and Thursday giving you a bit of rest in between the sessions.

Science Bit:
The reason for the rest day is to give your muscles a chance to adapt, this is what makes you stronger and fitter. The body recognises the difference between the rest day (normal muscle use) and the work day (muscles and body under pressure) and by regular repetition of the exercise the body adapts by growing additional muscle fibers and improving the bodies capacity for energy production.

So there is a method in the madness that is exercise and this is why we build in a slow, structured manner to achieve our goals. We want to get fitter, we want our bodies to adapt, this is how we do it.

Unfortunately I didn't get a group photo before we headed off on account of being flustered over my lack of whistle, please remind me to get a photo on Saturday next.

Be proud of what you have started this morning, share the news on Facebook, let your friends and family know that you are now a runner!!

Now to the homework!

As noted above you are to repeat the session twice next week. If Tuesday and Thursday don't suit, move the days around, leaving 1 day between sessions and keep Friday as a rest day. I want you ready and able to suffer on Saturday!!! (Just joking about the suffering, but the workload will be increasing week on week so you need to be rested.)

  1. Warmup: 5 mins steady
  2. Work : 1 minute effort
  3. Recovery : 90 seconds steady
  4. Warmdown: 5 minutes and stretching.
Repeat step 2 & 3 x8 times.

If you can't get out you can replicate the session on a treadmill. Contact me for information on how to tackle the treadmill settings (there's a lot on the blog about treadmill running). Best way is to contact us by commenting on the blog or through our Facebook page that way everyone benefits from the response.

Please don't push too hard this week, settle into the training, give yourself a chance to adapt and we'll see you all again on Saturday (regardless of the weather we will be out and expecting to see you!)

Happy running!!

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