November 21, 2013

What to wear for #running today?

I'm regularly asked advice on "what #running gear do I need for this weather?" The question pops up on +Twitter, +Facebook, Boards, Google+, you name it, I even get asked in +Amphibian King West the odd time!  :)

I usually throw out a few suggestions; "one of these", "some of those" and "if its doing this, wear that".

I realised yesterday possibly the best way to answer this is to do a show & tell. So starting today I'm going to show you how I dress for different weather conditions.

November 21st - Cold, dry 92% chance of precipitation) and with a 'RealFeel' of -5°c (I presume some form of air wind chill guesstimate).

Now, I don't check my phone to see how to dress. I was out at the bins and the foggy breath and snap to the air told me enough.

This one is easy to address:
Those tags in the image may not be clear enough, so.

Hat - a 7 year old promotional beanie from +Polar that everyone wants to buy from me. No way, never!! 
Neck scarf - buff type from Amphibia Sport. Perfect to keep the headphone cables from flapping around, and my chin nice and warm. 
Upper body - Outer shell is a +Saucony Kinvara Nomad Jacket over an inner layer comprising of a long sleeve thermal top. 

Aesthetic FlexFilm details make our Kinvara Nomad Jacket a pack leader, while the windproof front panel, thermo-regulating sleeves and side panels, and the ultra-breathable fleece back vent make runs in any weather a breeze! 
Lower body - Saucony Omni tights with a NGOI base layer (to prevent brass monkeys) keep the leg muscles warm and cosy.
NGOI Base layer shorts.  

The main issue is the windchill factor. You are still sweating in the winter time and clothing that prevents the wind passing through will stop your trunk from getting cold. If your torso gets chilled you are going to be miserable in no time at all.

So, dry weather but cold: thermal base layers, windproof top or jacket, hat, gloves (off for positioning camera), long leg tights.

That's how I dress today.

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