October 14, 2013

Taper Time for our #AKW Intermediate Marathon Schedule

Well done to you all!!!

I'm giving you the entire fortnight of taper sessions here so you can plan ahead for the next two weeks. I don't want you stressing about what you should or should not be doing, so here it is, mapped out for you.

WEEK 15 of 16 (#AKW Intermediate Marathon Schedule)


Monday - REST (or go for a 4m (6.5k) easy run.)
Tuesday -  5m (8k) - hill running with 10 x 30 seconds efforts
Wednesday - steady 6m (10k)
Thursday - 5m (8k) steady with 3m (5k) at Marathon pace in the mddle.
Friday - REST DAY
Saturday - 4m (6.5k) jog with strides.
Sunday - 10m (16k) steady

Your weekly total volume should be 30-34 miles!

WEEK 16 of 16 (#AKW Intermediate Marathon Schedule)


Monday - RESTDAY
Tuesday -  4m (6.5k) - Warmup then 2k at race pace plus 5 x 200m (faster) then warmdown.
Wednesday - easy 4m (6.5k) with strides.
Thursday - 3m (5k) easy
Friday - 4m (6.5k) jog with strides.
Saturday - REST DAY
Sunday - 2m (3k) easy with easy strides
Monday - RACE DAY!!!!

Your weekly total volume should be 39 miles!

If there is one piece of advice I can leave  resounding in your ears its this:


Nothing, nada, niets, nix, nothing!

Stick to your plan.

You have tried and tested your nutrition your shoes, your socks, your gear. It's all worked well so far, hasn't it? So don't be questioning yourself. I don't want to find any of you in the shop other than to top up your gels, or buy new laces between now and then! :)

Tapering is the biggest curse that the running gods visited on us. It is the time when we question our sanity, we start to worry about or training, our times, will we? won't we?

You will. There is no need to worry. You've gotten this far injury free (I hope) and you are reasonably fit and healthy. The training is done. The miles are in the legs. Tapering is all about watching the miles you've banked accrue interest which you can then cash in on Race Day.

Go with the flow on the day. And, above all else enjoy yourself!!.

Go n-éirí an bóthar leat

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