January 21, 2013

2013 #Zero25k Running Group 1 & 2

Last Saturday saw us heading out with two Groups in our #Zero25k programme. To keep things as simple as possible I'm lumping the reports & data from the #Zero25k Running Groups in together rather than one for each. 

Group 1 can keep an eye on what Group 2 are getting up to and vice versa. (Nothing like a bit of rivalry to keep everyone motivated!!)

All in all we have over 100 people registered to participate or follow in our programme, which is just mindblowing! The vast majority are turning up and attending but we do have quite a few people following online in their own time too.

Saturday was a cold and frosty morning (I don't know about anyone else but I thought the view to the bay was majestic with the foggy / frosty layer hanging over the water) so there was no hanging around as Group 1 assembled ready for the off from +Amphibian King Galway at 8am. There was a little bit of confusion as some transfers were taking place between the groups, this is inevitable but should be all settled down this week now that we have commenced.

Leaving the shop, the plan called for a modest change in the intervals being run. The usual warm up and then an increase in the duration of the 'work' phases but overall reduction in the number of intervals. Overall it adds up to a little more time running and a little less time walking. 

This is how the #Zero25k Session 4 looks on PolarPersonalTrainer as a planned session:

Now the data from my recording is off as I was running up and down the group a bit but you can get a rough idea from the layout. During work phases your pace should go up and your heart rate along with it. Obviously in recovery both should come down.

Our goal is to get your heart rate in the Orange & Red zones and back to Green / Blue for recovery. Pace will follow over time as you get fitter you will find that you are running faster at the same level of effort (as guided by your heart rate).

You can check out the full data set through this link: #Zero25k Group 1 - Training File. 

Arriving back outside the +Amphibian King shop, I left Group 1 to do some stretches while getting Group 2 organised and briefed on what was about to happen.

While doing this I placed my Polar G5 GPS pod on the roof of the car so that I wouldn't lose signal whilst inside the shop. This is something I often advise people to do while waiting for their GPS device to pick up signal. 

Little did I realise, in a real +Mr. Bean moment, that while I was speaking to the group, owner of said car jumped in and drove off, with my G5 on their roof!! 

It's gone now. As both +Peppa pig  and my 4 year old daughter would say - "Silly Daddy!!"

I'm going to have to revise my advice and qualify it by saying make sure its your own car :) 

Anyway Group 2 introduced and a quick grab of my trusty old Garmin FR305 (for mapping) and we were off out the Coast Road in #Oranmore.

The format was exactly the same as the first week of Group 1 with the same phases. You can find the previous post outlining the process along with a comment about converting the session to a treadmill:   Regaining Ground: 2013 #Zero25k Group 1 - Week 1

I don't have the map data to hand, I'll edit later and insert it for anyone who is interested in that sort of thing. My HR data is a lot clearer than that above and gives a better indication of what we are trying to achieve (although pace info is absent):

As always any questions, drop me an email or ideally a comment, and I will get back to you.

Happy running!

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