September 14, 2012

Race Week -7

Starting the week following my Polar program meant runs every day. Its only at the end of this week that I start to integrate Fran's plan into the greater scheme of things.

Night run in the lashing rain. I've an approximate 8k loop that is mostly off main roads so I decided to tackle this tonight to give me the added mental push of being cool, wet and having to pass the house before starting loop 2.

Loop 1 I bumped into a neighbour, Barry, who normally runs a Functional Fitness group on Monday evenings (I did a lot of Winter / Spring stuff with him earlier in the year). As there was just two of them they decided to run the first section with me & Barry came on and finished the first loop. Dropping him at his door, I'd pushed on, did my second loop, finishing with a km of extra push and home to dry off.

Monday: 16.05km, 01:20:07, AHR 152bpm, APace 5:00/km

Monday 10/09/12 - Training File


Tempo Tuesday has been a regular feature of my run this season. Expecting a 16-17k run in the planned time of 01:29 I reckoned on a few loops of a quiet section of road, to avoid any traffic & disruption to the runs.

Only thing bugging me was I forgot to clear the watch memory so after 15 mins 'Memory 0%' flashed up. Bugger!! So the plan stayed visible and I could monitor the sessions but I thought I needed to momorise the phase results. Not so! The clever people in Polar factored in silly people like me and the full workout was available. (Not all the HR data, but the summary and pace average for the whole thing was there)

Plan was 15 mins warmup, x3 of 15 mins (Zone 4) followed by 8 mins (Zone 3) with 5 mins cooldown.

Held 4:30-4:35/km for the intervals and 5:30 for the recovery on a windy wet night, happy days!

Tuesday: 18.01km, 01:29:22, AHR 151bpm, APace 4:57/km

Tuesday 11/09/12 - Training File

Didn't get to run Wednesday, had planned a light 8-9k easy run so considered a double day Thursday.


Sleep would be nice! Early morning run. Set out with 15k intentions (01:15) and a short evening run. Made a complete hash of the turnaround figuring continuing on and taking a left would get me back round. Ended up going in a big circle (see the map) but with so many twists & turns I got befuddled when I hit my regular road again.

Only for a plastic bag in the ditch that I spotted on the way out, I was well & truly going the wrong way. Add a time pressure to get back & daughter to school & you can see why the HR & pace went up!

Anyway a steady / recovery / easy run, legs felt a bit tired but loosened out quickly.

Thursday: 16:39km, 01:23:05, AHR 146bpm, APace 5:05/km

Thursday 13th September - Training File

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