September 14, 2012

35,167 Steps - my road to DCM

My training, proper, for DCM '12 started in earnest this week.

I'm happy with my base aerobic fitness, its been a long busy year of training and racing. I'm happy to start building to my race goals.
I'm going to document the run specific training that I'm doing here in my blog and you can follow by using the tag labels below of 'DCM 2012'.

Little bit of background to date, as I say, my base fitness is there, my running has been fairly consistent 35-45km per week (give or take a bit) through the past year with most run sessions being in excess of 1 hour and longest run to date 26km.

My shoes are relatively new Mizuno Inspire 8 with 78km on them, rotating  out my previous pair with 439km and a pair of Mizuno Elixir (lighter tempo, interval & long distance racing shoe) with 98km on them.

I've been following the endurance training program set by Polar Personal Trainer in conjunction with my Polar RCX5 (with GPS) and worked through the levels set by this and mixed my own thing in with it.

I've just started integrating a purpose specific program from one of the guys on and have set my sights on a 3:30 (technically sub 3:30) marathon PB. Do follow my progression both here and on Twitter @amphkingwest. If you need more specific information on HR training or have questions that may arise in the writing of this please just ask, either in the comments option or by email.


Sean :)

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