September 11, 2012

Post 70.3 and onwards to DCM 2012

So the Galway Ironman 70.3 is done and dusted for another year. Now time to settle down to some focussed running in an attempt at running my goal of 3:30 in Dublin City Marathon.

I've been fairly consistent with longish runs, tempo and interval sessions over the course of the Spring & Summer, so there's a solid aerobic base, just need to extend the run durations for the next few weeks.

This week was mainly a recovery week from the exertations of the weekend and I knew I'd be busy making up for time off work, plus I had an off-site analysis and shoe presentation to do in Athlone this week.

Running this week:
Tuesday (4/9) - easy recovery run 4.8k, 27 mins AHR 131bpm APace 5:46min/km
Friday (7/9) - a basic run to stretch legs 13.7k, 01:07 AHR 150bpm APace 4:53min/km
Sunday (9/9) - basic run to work 9.6k, 46mins, AHR 155bpm, APace 4:50min/km

Total for recovery week: Distance 28.1km Duration 2:21:08

Next week will bring the training back in earnest.

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