February 1, 2012

Zero-2-5k Week 2 Session 4

The Amphibian King Galway running group (#AKGrunning) in association with #Saucony met up again on Saturday with a slightly lower turnout of 19 participants turning up to test their legs.

After a briefing and distribution of Hi-Vis jackets it was time to get going. 

As the weather this week was decidedly colder with a biting wind coming off the Atlantic we did a brief warmup indoors before heading out. Going from 5 pushups (either full plank style or knees on the floor) to 5 star jumps and back to pushups a few times got the heart rates up and the blood flowing.

Outside for the brisk 5 minute walk, swinging the arms and stretching the legs allowed everyone to maintain the raised heart rate and limber up some muscles. It brought us from the shop to the coast road.

A 10 second countdown lead to the first of five run sessions. The goal is 90 seconds of good work followed by 120 seconds of recovery, repeating this for a total of 5 and then a warm down brisk walk should have everyone back at the start. 

Effort in the first run should be the same in the last and you should be giving yourself a little push, get out of your comfort zone. 

Everyone should repeat this session twice during the week being mindful of a rest day between the sessions and ideally two days before the next level on Saturday. 

I had a problem with the Map My Run data so I have linked here to my recording and mapping through my Polar RCX-5 watch.


Anonymous said...

What's the story with this - where and when do you meet?

Sean said...

The group meets every Saturday morning in Oranmore. An invitation was sent out due to demand from customers of Amphibian King to organise a beginners running group.

Unfortunately this group is closed to additional members but a new series of groups for beginners and intermediate runners will be set up in the next couple of weeks as the mornings get brighter.

I you need more information or want to register your interest simply contact the shop in Oranmore or keep an eye on the Amphibian King Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/amphibianking