January 23, 2012

Zero-2-5k Week 1 Session 1

The Amphibian King Galway running group (#AKGrunning) in association with #Saucony got off to a great start on Saturday with 21 participants turning up to stretch their legs. 

After a briefing and distribution of Hi-Vis jackets it was time to get going. 

A brisk 5 minute walk, swinging the arms and stretching the legs allowed everyone a chance to raise the heart rate and limber up some muscles. It brought us from the shop to the coast road.

A 10 second countdown lead to the first of six run sessions. The goal is 60 seconds of good work followed by 90 seconds of recovery, repeating this for a total of 6 and then a warm down brisk walk should have everyone back at the starting point for a light stretch and pat on the back for a job welldone. 

Effort in the first run should be the same in the last and you should be giving yourself a little push, get out of your comfort zone. 

Everyone should repeat this session twice during the week being mindful of a rest day between the sessions and ideally two days before the next level on Saturday.

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