September 17, 2011

What's next? (6th September)

With Ironman Galway 70.3 done and dusted the body has been struggling to recover from post race blues.

A sore throat and generally feeling like crap has left me tired and low in energy. Lack of proper sleep is absolutely killing me. 

The plan, made a while back, was to aim for the Dublin marathon as a season ender. This was to avoid a big anti-climax after the 70.3 and to keep me away from the pies!

So a couple of days rest after the 70.3 and then it's time to stretch the legs and build up the distances of the run again. A program of sorts has been planned in conjunction with my Polar RCX5 and I am scheduled to get running again on Thursday so fingers crossed the body is ready for this.

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Anonymous said...

fair play fella, i'm at the exact same as you first 70.3 and first marathon ... best of luck