September 19, 2011

Thursday (8th September)

The leg loosener.

Conor was calling to the house to have a debrief after the 70.3 and at the same time we would knock out a 8km trot to test everything is working fine after the weekend, nothing too serious and to be kept Zone 2 (60-70%). The odd transgression into Zone 3 is allowed to factor in headwind or hills.

My programmed run was to be a 10min Warmup  in Zone 2 followed by 30mins in Zone 3 and a 5min Cooldown, 45mins over all and projected 7.40k

A nice easy morning loop down through the Brothers of Charity in Kilcornan, out onto the main road and back up from Kilcolgan along 'Millionaires Row'.

In total we did 9k (I need to calibrate the footpod properly) in 47 mins at a really easy pace keeping conversation all the way round.

Training File

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