September 26, 2011

Too much information?

I've been training really well recently but one of the things that's starting to bug me is that I keen forgetting to calibrate my footpod. 

It appears that the footpod information overrides the G5 unit when used in conjunction and the G5 is relegated to mapping function only. My run data is coming up short when overlaid with mapping programs or simply in comparison to another GPS based unit.

I have been running with both the footpod and the G5 GPS unit and to be honest I don't need to use both. The footpod is a handy tool that will give you pace, distance and information on your cadence and stride length. Right now pace and distance are really the only important factors I need to consider. The cadence is going to be steady, I don't need to be churning out 90-95 strides per minute. I'm comfortable and steady at 85.

The GPS unit works by satellite tracking of my position and giving pace, distance information based on those algorithms. It also has the benefit of the mapping facility which is the better for visualising the routes, and reviewing the elevations etc when uploaded to the web services.

I think I'll drop the footpod for the next while, stick to the G5 and then there will be no conflicting information on distance. 

Having just checked the Polar manual - when using an S3 footpod and a G5 GPS receiver together the footpod provides pace and distance, the GPS picks up the GPS markers for mapping.

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