September 26, 2011

Fridays Retribution (23rd September)

After the disaster that was Thursday's interval non-happening I had to get out and bring the mileage up for the week.

BTW what do you call the increase in mileage when you measure in kilometers?

 This is a straight forward run, nothing fancy. Keep it in the Zones and throw down the distances. Aim is to run for an hour and get 10k under the shoes. It's all accumulating exercise and getting used to being on my feet for extended periods of pounding

HRM Data
I find my recovery is getting easier and easier. There is little or no stiffness in my muscles after the long runs. The knees are a little tender but having built up the distances slowly, the pain eases with no lasting effects. It's a good sort of pain!

The Training Summary is showing the issue I'm having with the footpod, the actual run distance is 10.3km where the pod tracked it as 9.91km.

Its just skews the data enough to be annoying. My average pace for this kind of run should be around 5:45min/km and retain a mid Zone heart rate averaging 139 / 140bpm.

It's interesting how the footpod did pick up the very end of the Cool-down where I did a short stretch of quick feet with high knees and kicking my butt.

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