September 6, 2011

Ironman Galway 70.3 (Part 2)

It's Saturday and I feel like crap.

I tossed and turned all night, felt like I was lying in a furnace and got feck all sleep on top of it. I got up this morning in an out of body like state, quivering and trembling. 

I daren't mention it but it could be the dreaded MANFLU!!

After all of the training the hard work, the 'watching what you eat', the 'avoiding empty calories' its starting to look like I won't be in any state to do anything.

The plan was to bring the bikes down to Salthill early so they can be racked and left ready for Sunday. First some medication. Then kids into car, bikes and bags into van and off to Salthill.

The transition area has to be the biggest I have ever seen, miles of security fencing, tubing and green carpet. When you bring your bike down to be racked, two officials check your brakes, wheels, numbers and helmet to ensure all attached and working fine. We decided to leave them in sans shoes as with the amount of overnight rain forecast they would be soaked on the bike or so we thought.

There were huge Ironman plastic bags available to wrap over your bike before placing on the rack, so you could leave the bike completely ready for the race the day before.

This is important to note because at the same time you were racking the bike you were also supposed to leave in your blue and red transition bags and there was no further access to these bags once secured. So everything you expected to need in transition should be in the bags.

After the bike was racked, leave in the red run bag in the tent. This should have your running shoes and accessories that you may need, glasses, hat, socks, towel, suncream (hopefully) etc. Then back to leave in the blue bag with all of your bike paraphernalia; helmet, glasses, shoes, overshoes, socks, gloves, towel, gillet / jacket, arm warmers etc.

Once we completed this operation it was time to get into work. I did a quick detour to collect the new tri-suits from Velotec in the expo village. Nice job! Something new to wear tomorrow if I get through today.

I couldn't wait to get home after work. I've been chewing Uniflu to beat the band. I've started to rattle with the amount of meds I've gone through today. Even started to worry about WADA!

Fingers crossed it'll be alright on the day! Time for bed, early start tomorrow, if I get started!

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Rónán Mac Con Iomaire said...

This is a tease! Come on, come on, with the race report!!!