August 5, 2011

Back to the Running Plan (3rd August)

So, Wednesday morning saw me doing Tuesday's planned session, a basic run of an hour duration.

I'm looking at a long distance training plan which measures how far I cover in a set time rather than focussing on distance as being the measure. The program had planned 7.30km in 1 hour and a calorie burn of 600kcal for me for this session.

It is all heart rate training so I am training using zones to guide my efforts. Averaging this out to take into consideration hills and drags will be down to myself, going uphill I will tend to be at the high end or out of the zone, but pull back on the downhill to recover.

I have some distance routes marked out from home and ran the 10k loop as per the results below. 9.78k in 57 mins with 785kcal and an average heart rate of 140bpm. Right where I want it to be.

Programmed run 03.08.2011 07:57

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