July 1, 2011

Longest day = longest run ? (21st June)

Having done little or nothing on my run apart from the odd spurt of the 5k series it's time to get back on the road.

I reckoned the longest day would be a good point to try and get the longest run (for a while) taken care of ahead of the Kilkee Hell of the West triathlon.

Despite recently changing my running shoes from the supportive Mizuno Inspire to the neutral Mizuno Rider I am still not ready to thrash the shiny new shoes. I decided to give my old Saucony Triumphs a bit of a beating. I have been switching around with my runners as a 'feeling' has been playing on my mind re my gait. More on this elsewhere.

On with the Triumphs and off I went.

Slow steady warm up all within the limits guided by my watch. This is the first outing in a planned program for running over 4 weeks. It should be a bit of an interval session but I'll simply be happy to tick the box as complete.

I've got this little niggle in my left abdomen, like a strained muscle in my tummy / rib area. I said I'll give it the warm up to stretch and ease out before doing anything remotely like running.

Unfortunately not to be. As soon as I hit the hill up from the harbour the extra load really hurt. That's it, ease off and just ocmplete a loop.

By the top of the hill I knew I'd be walking back. Apart from the disappointment of this pull, I was worried now about Hell of the West. The swim and cycling don't seem to bother me but the run ....

A disappointing result and this will be the longest day as I mull this over .

Training Result 21.06.2011 07:42

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