May 17, 2013

Something special for the Triathlon Youths

Creating a triathlon wetsuit for the stars of tomorrow left Huub with a few challenges. The key to the suit after consultation with coaches, swim experts and human movement specialists was flexibility, comfort and warmth. So there is your balance, more flexibility and lighter neoprene but keeping warmth in due to less body fat and more susceptible to cold body make up. Huub addressed this by investigating the best quality materials in combination with highest grade "Plush" linings which deliver increased warmth to the backing of a thinner and lightweight 3mm chest and 4mm thigh and hips neoprene.

Good body position is not a major weakness in junior athletes, but good practice in a wetsuit will assist pool swim events which are the majority for junior athletes.

By taking a 3:4 combination Huub have managed to retain the incredible flexibility while delivering the benefit in position and sensation of a slightly raised leg position that works with young females and males without over compensating for natural buoyancy.

The Huub Atom wetsuit, designed for ages 8-13 features:

  • Incredibly flexible and durable Smoothskin neoprene

  • Flexible superstretch lining and facing in key stretch-reach points.

  • Insulation lining for young healthy fat void bodies

  • Superstretch ankles for ease of release in transition

  • 2mm superstretch sleeves

  • 3:4 Buoyancy combination delivers natural buoyancy with body alignment enhancement

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