January 16, 2013

Training Diary - Week 2

Not a bad week of training, quite happy with the balance I got. Our little training schedule seems to be working and having a planned out routine definitely helps in hitting those sessions.

Monday  (7st Jan)

With Edel first to hit the pool with a morning session, we tag-teamed the kids, I drop our daughter to school and scoot onto the pool for my session and we then swap out at +Amphibian King Galway  again. For some reason I can't find my +Garmin Swim record of the session, I'll upload it later and add it in here.

  • Swim: 2km, 00:47:26


I have a run scheduled on Tuesday morning but with the return of my Power Pedals from Polar UK I was like a child at christmas and decided to re do the FTP test this evening instead. By skipping the tempo run, I was saving my legs for the test (or so I thought!)

Set the bike up, installed the pedals and created the FTP test protocol on my CS600x head unit ready for action. With the test predetermined all I had to do was follow the 'beeps' and push.

 The end result was a disappointing 185watts or 2.1watts per kg of bodyweight.I always knew I struggled with leg power and this was obvious by the way I slip backwards on hills when out with the club. Being pragmatic, its a measure of where I am and gives me impetus to form a structured bike training plan.

  • Bike 25.4k, 01:00:08, AHR 144bpm, MxHR 178bpm, ASpeed 25.3km/hr


Pool session again, this time with my Garmin Swim. I mentioned this brilliant training tool back in November when I was getting over my injury. I'm still getting used to it and while my swim sets are quite basic at the moment, I'm just focussing on essential fitness & finding some technique.

I'm doing this by swimming 100's, working on bringing them in sub2:00 and off at 2:15 for now. Goal is to get these back down to 1:4x and off 1:55. A couple of 400's help with the grooving of the rhythm over longer distances.

I also stuck in a quick 25 minute preprogrammed Treadmill workout back at home in the evening.
  •  Swim 2.1km, 00:49:40 ; APace
  • Treadmill 4.65km. 00:25:35, AHR 148bpm, MxHR 172bpm, APace 05:30min/km

Bit of a disaster week with my training gadgets. Plan was to drop little miss at school, go for a longer run from +Amphibian King Galway and head to the gym for a shower & change before work.

Forgot my G5 GPS pod so only had the RCX5 and HRM strap. Decided to use my trusty old Forerunner 305 to map my run. I haven't used this in a while and it was last used by +Micheal Gaffey who definitely showed it what proper training is all about! Anyway, holding a charge, off I went, just as the day turned miserable & wet.

Details here:

Post run off to the gym for a quick swim to warm up, shower and back to work.
  • Run: 10.25km, 00:55:45, AHR 152bpm, MxHR 178bpm, APace 05.27/km
  • Swim: 0.6km

Morning swim followed by an evening turbo session. Turbo was nothing remarkable, just a chance to spin the legs up with a couple of 3 minute mini-intervals and 2 minute recovery.
  • Swim: 2.1km, 00:43.09, APace 01:58/100, SWOLF 40
  • Turbo: 11.6km, 00:23:50, AvgHR 134bom, MxHR166bpm, ASpeed 29.3km/hr

This is the first session of our new #Zero25k Running Group which I'm organising from +Amphibian King Galway every Saturday morning. Hopefully, the gang in +Amphibian King Bray & Ballymount will start something similar as the demand is huge for these programs.

After the session I went for my own interval run along the coast road. Yes the orange blobby shape puffing up and down the hills was me! I was actually quite happy achieving a 04:19 - 04:23 pace for the 5min intervals as I'm definitely feeling the lack of fitness.
  • #Zero25k Run: 3.05km, 00:26:35, AHR 122bpm, MxHr 158bpm, APace 08:41mins/km
  • Run: 10.19km, 00:52:13, AHR 152bpm, MxHR 176bpm, APace 05:07mins/km

Aim was to hook up with Seven Springs on the club spin. Gamely I cycled from home to Loughrea to join them knowing that a 90k route was in the plan.

Yet again the switching between the different training units caught me out. Whilst I had the G5 pod with me this time, I did not have GPS enabled on the CS600x so there was no mapping done :(

The back door slamed firmly in my face as the group disappeared up Rye Hill led by the young guns in the club. Definitely more leg power work required!
  • Cysle: 87.5km, 03:23:07, AHR 144bpm, MxHR 172bpm, ASpeed 26.1km/hr

Week Totals

Swim: 7m
Bike: 124km
Run: 28km

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