January 4, 2013

Maffetone-Up Time

One way to check your HR
For the past number of years I've been training away using Heart Rate (HR) zones and my trusty range of +Polar watches starting with the RS200 and finally into the RCX5 being my most recent model.

The beauty of the RCX5 has been the Endurance Training Program that synchronises with your profile on polarpersonaltrainer.com. I've written previously about the benefit I saw over the course of a season training with this program, you can find that piece here: Regaining Ground: Heart Rate Mentoring - getting fitter.

What I missed out on was making the link to the training methods of Phil Maffetone. I was only recently when reading  Dr. Nick's running blog that I was reminded of the science common sense behind the training program. As far as I am aware Dr. Phil has passed over most of the responsibility for training and fitness management to Mark Allen who most triathletes will know (he is 6 time Ironman world champion) for his training by heart rate methods. There is plenty of reading here: Mark Allen online.

Ultimately what the method advocates is running within your capabilites as defined by your HR zones. Its is not all about running slow, or running long and slow. You much work within your individual abilities.

This method has been working for me and I plan to continue to utilise it as I work to get toned up.

If you need any help or advice on selecting a HR watch to suit you or your sport, please feel free to ask in the comments section.


grgeorge said...

Definitely going to start doing this, thanks. Can you do something similar on the bike?

Unknown said...

Absolutely, yes.

The principles are the same regardless of whatever sport you apply it to. I'm doing a Part 2 which digs a little more into the how and why, hoping to manage this without exhibiting a complete ignorance of biochemistry :)