October 9, 2012

Race Week -4

Its so much easier to create excuses in hindsight.

20/20 vision looking backwards means all the excuses will be well founded, beyond challenge and appropriate to the lack of action involved.

Last week was a fertile breeding ground for creative excuses but a running disaster.

I'm tired / weary / listless due to lack of sleep / sick children / hard work. (Strike out as appropriate)

Coming off the back of a 'recovery' week I found everything got in the way of what was planned as Peak Phase Week 1. While I did the Monday session (Hilly Run 01:10) every other target for the week became something that was either moveable or badly timed.

It had nothing to do with me missing a bit of Va-Va-Voom or not allowing enough time for the sessions to be properly completed. The sessions were badly timed.

I copped out on Wednesday and organised one of the evening trail runs (Return of the Mud) as a replacement for the scheduled easy run. These are great craic and I do like running in the woods. I find the change of foot cadence, stride length and varying ground re-invigourates me and normally helps with my road running mojo.

Thursdays interval session started out well and I'm going to insert the Phases to show how well it was going (pat on the back for me!). I started the session late and knew I would be cramped for time getting in to open up the shop, so packed in as much as I could.
Thursday interval session
The pyramid session needed completion there was a further 3-2-1 to be done with rest intervals, I just didnt allow enough time for sucessful completion. Foolishy I then thought it would be a good idea to stick the balance of the intervals onto the end of Friday's run.

What a plank!?

In theory it may have worked. I ran the planned recovery run as expected and then stuck the balance intervals on the end so that I was on tired legs. Completely forgot about the potential for carnage during the long run on Saturday.

Like Deja Vu, the Long run was diabolical. I was lethargic (Yes, I was eating & drinking so no issue there) and running the loop back past the house, while normally mentally inspiring, it just inspired me to stop. Sure didnt I have to go into work!

The week that was in it, I banked Sunday as a family day and while considering a 10k a couple of times, I knew it would be just junk to bring my overall week distance up and make me feel better so skip that.

Next week, I promise to be good! Peak Phase 2 and an important week before heading into the taper fortnight. It'll come good.

Weekly Totals
Duration: 05:54
Distance: 68.5km
Calories: 5226kcal
Sessions: 6

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