September 16, 2012

Race Week -7 Wrap up & Review

Sunday (cont'd)

Got a lovely little run in this afternoon. It was short and sweet, down through the woods and back. Nice to run the trail again, its been a while and the change of surface was actually quite a welcome break. The surface is relatively rough (relative to the road) but due to the recent rain quite 'squishy' underfoot so glad the old shoes came out.

All I wanted to do was turn over the legs so no main pace or time , goals, just a run to enjoy.

Sunday: 6.11km, 32:59, AHR 138bpm, APace 05:24/km

Sunday 16/09/12 - Training File

All in all, this was a great week of running / training for me. I have never put as much focused effort into my run training and hooking up with a proper training plan has given me a major kick in the backside.

Weekly totals:
Duration: 08:04 (hh:mm)
Distance: 95.1km
Calories: 8414kcal

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