September 23, 2012

Race Week -5.5 Catchup & Wrap

With my tail firmly between my legs after the disappointing performance last night it was time to have a look at things and address my training priorities.

I had been tinkering with my diet and training purposes. I was brought to ground very quickly last night on account of these factors and woke to the realisation this morning that I need to focus on the marathon first. I will explain what I'd been up to in another post.

For now, on with the week.


Was a nice easy run at easy effort (4:55 to 5:30km pace) for 45 minutes. Just about turning over the legs, the interval session had been tough so no need for speed today.

I felt good, the morning was beautiful, and ran out to get closer to an hour.

Friday: 10.71km, 53:14, AHR 144bpm, APace 04:57/km


I've no idea what synchronicity is going on with the kids, but same as last week, awake at 1, 3 & 6 with a young man who is not being his usual self at the moment. Struggled to get up but did  have a proper breakfast this morning, porridge. Gathered the gear, made up the High 5 4:1 and packed a couple of gels into the pouch to get on the road for 8:30.

While getting the GPS lock on, I decided a hat & gloves were appropriate & nipped back in for them.

45 mins @5:20/km, 50mins @5:00/km and 50mins @4:45/km. Route was planned based on the LPR route from last week with a few extra loops along the way.

I was very happy with the pacing. I was drinking and fueling steadily along the way and despite the brain trying to convince the legs that they were tired and wanting to stop early the angel (or demon) on my shoulder made me run loops near my house just to harden up the mental resolve.

It worked!!

Run done, recovery drink, shower, change, 2XU recovery leggings and into work for the rest of the day. (Busy day in the shop too, thank God!)

Saturday: 30.02km, 02:30:35, AHR 147bpm, APace 5:00/km

Saturday 23/09/12 - Training File


Travelling to Sligo after work yesterday meant disguising the car with Mayo flags going from Galway. It also meant a cracking mornings' run along the coast line from Rosses Point into town and back out again.

Just a nice steady, enjoyable run. Plenty of people out and about too which is great to see.

Sunday: 12.40km, 01:04:11, AHR 138bpm, APace 05:10/km

If you'd told me 4 weeks ago that I would be considering running 100km per week in the build up to my marathon I would have said your head was cracked. Having done 95km last week and 101km this week I feel great. Its a huge milestone for a chap who hated running in school, it bored me to tears.

Now look at me. Loving it!! :D

Weekly totals:
Duration: 08:25:26 (hh:mm:ss)
Distance: 101.45km
Calories: 8703kcal
Sessions: 6

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