January 3, 2012

2nd January Mountain Biking

I took the chance of available time to do a bit of MTBing this morning. I stuck a post on the tri club Facebook and rambled down for 10am to see if anyone had turned up.
I bumped into a group of 4 ready to go out and realised they must be from Connemara MTB club. After a quick name check we were off.
We started to the left of the avenue, an area I had never been in before. Nice easy loop, not as much rock as in other places and not too technical, a nice area to 'warm-up' in.
Popping out of the woods again we then crossed over to the main area of woods and covered most of the traditional tracks. I was fairly familiar with these as this is where I do my trail running.
The ground was wet and sloppy. Some deep sections of mud that literally got everywhere, axle deep in places.
All told we did just shy of 10k with some of the hilly parts and jumps included. It was a bit risky on account of the ground conditions so the ramps were considered with unexpected sensibility on my behalf. I surprised myself.
A good mornings exercise with a nice group of lads. Definitely up for doing more of that.  

Polar RCX5 Training & GPS File 

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