September 24, 2011

Tempo Tuesday (20th September)

Back to a tempo session again. The program is moving on a little each week, 5 minutes are added to the tempo run over last weeks planned session. The time in Tempo is increased slightly.

The plan for today is an hour, covering a distance of 10.5km. Starting a little later than I would normally like meant I knew I would be getting tight for time on the back end of the session.

Out from the house for the phased Warm up of 15 mins followed immediately with a step up of pace for 11 minutes.

Maintaining an average pace just below 5min / km and keeping within the prescribed Zone 4 is where I need to be at this stage, sticking to the HR training program. The weather however was atrocious and the last couple of minutes where my HR spiked out of Zone 4 and into Zone 5 is as much a reaction to the bitter cold of the rain water as an increased effort needed to 'puddle jump'.

It almost became interval training trying to run between puddles and dodging cars, trucks and buses. The road is always quiet and I reckon these vehicles were trawling based on the following formula:
puddles + runners = great craic for arsehole drivers

As I expected, I did have to cut the cool-down short. Not just because of the time but I was also freezing, being soaked through and a cold wind coming across from the West is not pleasant. You'd think I would be better prepared for the weather.

 I finished up 4 minutes early and 800m short of the plan. So not bad. If I can I would like to stay slightly ahead of the time and distances, but otherwise I know that the plan has now merged pretty accurately with my current abilities.

Training Result 20.09.2011 08:22

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