July 30, 2011

Back to the Present

If you will excuse me I am going to have to revert back at some stage to the past months training and racing. By holding off updates until I catch up, I'm falling further behind, if that makes sense.

Training of late has seen an improvement. Time has become a limiting factor again as we are child minder less and that does curtail the available time to train. We have also moved house and been busy in the shop, so a number of mitigating factors.

My swimming is the discipline that has been on hold for the past couple of weeks. Its easy to jump on the bike or head out early for the run. The swim requires getting to the pool and all that jazz. Ideally a cycle to the pool followed by a swim and cycle back would be a good way to rebuild that 'brick' base to my training.

The past fortnight has seen me running the Boston Scientific 5k in Maree (separate post), the Remembering Aoibhe 5k in Renville (separate post) and generally upping my running again as I signed up for Dublin Marathon in October.

I will pick up the race reports and photos from Hell of the West and Lanesborough Triathlon races.

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