June 5, 2011

Thursday (2nd June) on the bike

First time in a while both of us managed to get out for a spin together, in fact we haven't got to do any training together for quite a while so it was a bit like getting out on a date again.

We set out from home with a plan to loop around Clarinbridge / Kilcolgan to do a drive by on a house that is up for rent. While where we are living is great, beside the sea, forest & park for the kids, the thoughts of another wild winter with ginormous electricty bills due to drafty windows & storage heaters is not appealing. Hense window shopping for a new abode.

This morning was a nice easy paced spin as Edel has not been out on the bike for quite a while, so I dropped into the big ring and a low back gear and just pushed along at very low cadence which required a much higher power output to maintain a steady pace. On hills I only allowed myself one gear lower as a comfort zone. This should all add up to increasing leg power overall.

We cut across on the back roads from Maree to Clarinbridge and did a loop around the back of Colga woods and out the Kinvarra road to do a turnaround at Ballinderreen before heading back along the main road to Clarinbridge and homewards.

We got to the see the house so the letting agent got a call too. The benefits / perils of bringing a mobile phone on the spin with you!

Not a bad mornings work covering 40k at an average 23km/h.

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