June 7, 2011

Sunday (5th June) Morning run

I was awake at 4am, again! I'm convinced it does not get truly dark in the West of Ireland during the summer night. Read for a bit, dozed for a while and hauled out of bed at 6am and went for a run.

I had been planning to run what I hoped would be a good race course around Renville Park so I could get a measure of the length of the route, but also a view of the elevations of the course.

Off I went with my Polar RS800 on one wrist to track my HRM, pace & distance of my 'main' run with my Garmin 305 on my right wrist set to record what I considered the race course.

I had my iPod and a decent soundtrack (Foo Fighters, The Who, Wolfmother)to accompany me on a beautiful running morning.

All in all in covered 7.7km at a nice easy pace in 43 mins maintaining an average HRM of 146bpm which was Ownzone training.

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