June 20, 2011

Lost week or Taper week ?

The week following the mini-epic cycle with Conor was to be a taper week of sorts before racing the COPE triathlon on 12th June.

Between one thing and the other I'm calling it a lost week.

A good soaking on Monday doubled the snuffles of the past few weeks and gave me a decent cough. Its getting better with practise and is now a deep resonating mucous buster. I reckon if I can get around Salthill / Furbo at the weekend on one lung I will be unstoppable in September.

The plan was to get a couple of decent runs in, short sharp intensive leg workouts. I have a nice 8km loop worked out from home with three attempts at the same hill included as well as the standard hilly work. A negative split on the two laps would be a great workout early in the week, plenty of time for recovery.

Didn't happen!

I also intended to give the bike a good whirl on Wednesday or Thursday evening a nice 20k TT type of affair to test the legs, ensure all the set up was right (have been on my La Pierre mostly) and check for mechanical issues. 

Didn't happen!

Of all the training plans, most important is the need to continue my swimming improvements and have a nice distance carried forward in the arms and body for the weekend. Again an open water, salt water swim would go down really well as I've been in the pool and lake (freshwater) mostly and need more than race day warm up to adjust.

Didn't happen!

What did happen was a busy week in work coupled with a very sick little girl at home leading to very little time to train / test and even less sleep for the whole family. 

Anyway these things happen and family does come first!

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