May 30, 2011

2XU wetsuit trial

Wednesday evening saw us again meeting at the pool at the Kingfisher Club in Renmore.

V:2 from 2XU
My brand new V:2 wetsuit only arrived in the courier van during the day so I was very eager to try it out  in comparison to my current Orca Alpha which is almost 3 years old now. In fact I had bought the initial release of the V:1 wetsuit (V = Velocity) in the spring of 2008 having been present at the prelaunch presentation of the wetsuit by (then) sales rep Mike Trees (now Managing Director) of TCL. I had spotted the suit at the ITU Worlds in Hamburg September 2007 where it was being launched into Europe.

Anyway a little warranty issue lead to a recall and I was upgraded to an Orca Alpha suit for my troubles. All those warranty issues are well behind the company now and 2XU are the only company offering a 2 year warranty on their wetsuit seams.

We were at the pool to allow customers the chance to select and try on a proper swimming wetsuit and to experience the benefits it can make to their open water swim, either Triathlon or leisure. We had a great response to the offer of the trial and we were busy helping people identify their sizes and chatting about the swim ability and the differences in the three suits on offer.

Team (T:2) wetsuits suit entry level swimmers giving additional buoyancy to help gain confidence in the water and to maintain correct body position for the free style stroke. Race (R:1) are the next level and feature increased body stabilising strakes and a 3D grab panel on the forearms to aid with the body catch and pull. The Velocity (V:2) suits are unique in their own league with contoured catch panels, titanium oxide coating in the lower legs, full body & leg strakes, body roll buoyancy among other features.

Wetsuits should be like a second skin. With the silicon coating they are extremely 'slippy' in water and enable you to glide so much further in the stroke, think 'fish' and you will understand. The buoyancy as mentioned allows you to focus on your stroke and propulsion rather than worrying about working hard to stay afloat.

The customers really enjoyed themselves and were thrilled with the opportunity to get the advice and to try out the suits before committing to the purchase. A properly fitted wetsuit is the only item of euipment that can guarantee an instant improvement in your Triathlon times. I will post the data when I find it.

After a great result for our customers I got to try my suit in the pool and I love it! A Tri gear review of 2XU wetsuits

Normally, I average 21-22 strokes in a 25m pool, with T:2 I managed 17, R:1 was 16 and I did 14 in the V:2!! My legs felt much easier to maintain in the horizontal position and the grab in the water really felt good, I did a few lengths of arm only pulls and kicking felt like throwing a NOS switch.

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Sean said...

Re performance comparisons, the levels of swim efficiency, on average:

Without a wetsuit you swim at 100%
With T:2 you swim at 75%
With R:1 you swim at 70%
With V:2 you swim at 65%

These percentages are against the same non-wetsuit result. So if its time you will be 25%/ 30% or 35% quicker on average or you can go further in the same time or save enegy over the same distance & time leaving more in reserve for the bike and run legs.