November 19, 2012

Tipping the scales

The difference a couple of stones make
Being injured is no excuse for being lazy.

After  the Predator Triathlon Club night on Saturday night / early Sunday morning, it's safe to say, doing a morning weigh in after the night before, is probably not one of my brighter ideas. But I did and suffice to say, being tired and having a sore head are the least of my problems.

Time to get off my ass, work around any current limitations and step away from the biscuit tin. This year it has taken me 6 months to drop 4kg and only 4 weeks to put them right back where they were.

Time for them to go again, for good. 

Back to structured eating, sleeping and training from today. 

First, maybe just one more Chocolate Kimberley....

Just cos it says Elite


emmabrabazon said...

Agreed! I've put on about 4lbs since DCM!!! I lost 6 stone this last year and my lazy ass is heading right to putting it back on again! Step away from the couch!! Headlamp on for an 8 miler tonight!!!

Anonymous said...

I put on a kg over the weekend alone,I share your pain ! fergus