December 28, 2012

Reward offered.

Time to get out of this funk.

It's been one little thing after another. 

First the knee injury, OK, in fairness, not such a little thing, but it's really being stretched as far as excuses go. I've a couple of nice easy runs done and built to a point where I managed to run into the shop the other day (9.5k). 

But now my watch & HR strap need new batteries. In fact I got annoyed the other day because the battery on the GPS sensor ran out so not all of my run was tracked. (Rolleyes time!)

Then the issue with the Power Pedals, well more of a non-issue, because I was well able to train without them for years so why not now? That too is a well abused excuse at this stage.

I've been swimming ok (ish) but that's become a bit of a drag. Miss one session and all of a sudden its 2 weeks since you've been to the pool. Of course holiday opening hours don't help and become an excuse, 'I really wanted to be done with the session at 9am, not getting into the pool at that time!!'

Time to get the lead out. No more excuses, I'm going for a run tomorrow morning come hell or high water. 

Though if it's raining....

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