October 4, 2012

Return of the Mud

Wednesday night brought the return of the mid-week trail and muck runs. This was something that kicked off last Winter / Spring as something different for most, just to vary the training and do something that was a little bit of a change from the normal training runs.

It was also great craic. A bunch of 'adults' racing around the woods in the dark with just headlamps for company.

It was a recovery day or easy day of running for me so I enjoyed doing the trails just for the change.

Ground was very wet and there was plenty of slipping and sliding around in the mud. The puddles were easily seen in the dark on account of just being big dark patches on the ground. The problem was where you thought you were stepping on a pile of leaves to find that there was 4 or 5" of watery muck that just oozed around your feet. Lovely!!

Nice run tonight, greatly enjoyed the adventure and look forward to a winter of splashing around. Keep an eye on our Facebook Events page for dates & times.

7km of running in an hour. Not fast but great, dirty fun.

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I couldn't get the facebook link to work. Is it just me?