January 1, 2012

New Years Resolution

With a bit of effort I'm going to get this blog back on track. I haven't posted much since the 70.3 in September despite training for and completing my first marathon in Dublin in October.

I plan to change this lack of reports.

Today was the start of 2012. No real goals set as yet, just an outline plan to do well in the National Series and maybe, just maybe go middle distance again. I would like to revisit the Galway Ironman 70.3 again in September but will wait a little while before making a decision on that.

Today was the Resolution Run 5k in Renmore. Last year Edel and I did this pushing the buggy with the two kids in it. Not to be this year.

At the last minute I decided to go with a plan of cycling over, run the race and cycle back. Should make a nice 2 hour workout!

I ran a nice 5k in windy and tough conditions on a hilly course of two loops. I was happy with my result of 00:23:38 and after a quick chat with a few people I bumped into (including race winner Matt Bidwell- hoping some magic would rub off) it was back home for lunch and some sofa time.

Good start to the year, now, just to keep it up. Happy New Year to you all!

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