October 25, 2011

Trouble? (27th September)

Tempo run planned for this morning.

Set off nice and easy, usual 15minute warm up followed by a step up in pace for 12 minutes and a steady 28 minutes in Zone 3.

The problem was I developed a pain in my right knee. I've been pretty religious with my rolling with The Grid but had a high volume week last week (relative to my normal running) so I put it down to wear and tear.

I haven't really been troubled with the muscle soreness or joint pain you hear all the horror stories about, so far. Bar a little discomfort in the afternoon after a long run handling the stairs I've been pretty good.

This pain is something new to me. It's like ITBS but it's not. I've had not ITB problems since I learned how painful it is to release the band, so I look after it.

I ended up walking in the last bit of the run and there's no clicking. Just a sharp pain. A bit of rest and ice should do it.

Ah, maybe it's just my old age.

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