October 16, 2013

ASICS Running Backpack

I love getting new #running kit to try out.

Recently in +Amphibian King West I was handed an +ASICS  running backpack to see what I thought of it. I don't normally run with a backpack but in the winter time as I use a  Silva headlamp with a separate battery pack I do find a backpack handy for carrying the batteries and other bits & pieces.

Immediately I liked the colour and appearance of the bag. Great reflectivity and strong flourescent colours ensure visibility from the rear. As you can see in the picture (taken with a phone flash) it stands out against a dark background no problem.

There are dual compartments in the bag. The inner one is for a hydration pack (not provided with this bag) and an outer compartment for gear.

Both compartments are zipped and then there are 2 small pockets on the hip panel of the bag which I found handy for my GPS receiver and some +GU Energy Labs Chomps for the longer runs. They stayed in the pockets and were easy to access.

There is an outer compartment with a cinch type belt clip on it. The compartment is open and ideal for quick stowage of a rain jacket, hat or gloves.

Regarding the fit the bag is unlike most bags I've used previously. The 'compartment' part is fitted to a 'harness' part. You fit the harness to suit you and then you can adjust the height of the backpack position on your back.
Harness adjustment is easy with the toggle belt.

Personally I found the low-slung backpack the best position of all as any weight sits on your hips and there is far less 'jiggle' with no movement on your shoulders.

The front of the harness features some bungee cord loops which are handy for fitting a water bottle to and with the harness being made of a sturdy mesh I could see myself stitching all sort of loops and appendages to it to make a complete utility pack from the harness.

All in all a great bag, I like it a lot and will be using it for a while to come.

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Unknown said...

We've offered this bag as a giveaway in a draw. Simply tell us below what 'ASICS' stands for and you will be included in the hat.

You can then decide if you agree with my review :)

Good luck!