November 11, 2013

#GearTip for Winter Training

With the Winter really on top of us now going #running requires a little thought and preparation to ensure that you are comfortable in all sorts of weather conditions.

Two items of gear which are invaluable in my book are:

Designed as a trail running tight, the material in the +ASICS Fuji Trail tight is stretchy and comfortable. The designers made the lower leg material slightly thicker and durable to help prevent tears and pulls when running through rough vegetation.

I find this lower leg material is water repellant and as a result keeps your legs dry when running on wet roads. The splash water is not absorbed by the fabric and you get no water creep on longer runs.

Perfect item for road or trail running in the wet.

ASICS Fuji Trail tight

Second piece of 'can't do without' equipment is a fabric tube from +Amphibia Sport.

Lots of different uses from scarf to sweatband. Personally I find the best winter use is as a neck scarf. Bunch the material up, pass over your head and its sits snug around your throat, keeping your neck warm, zip your jacket up and the scarf prevents rain from running down the back of your neck.
Amphibia Sport - fabric tube

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