May 7, 2013

RoadID - Affiliate program helping Croi Galway

Following from my previous post on Training ICE in which I stressed the importance of carrying identification with you at all times when training or racing, just in case of accident or medical emergency.

By far the simplest means of carrying identification, contact numbers and or medical history is by using the RoadID range of products. Personally, I have been wearing the WristID for the past couple of years and thankfully it is one of those products I have not had to use but still wear it daily. It's actually a habit now and I don't notice it, it's just like a watch and I rarely take the WristID off.

Due to the feedback and the number of queries I've received about the RoadID products (across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & here) I contacted the company to ask for some information.

RoadID have set Amphibian King Galway up as an Affiliate so that we can refer and direct interested people to the RoadID website.

If you are interested in buying a RoadID for yourself, your husband or wife, your father or mother, son, daughter, friend or training partner we would greatly appreciate if you would buy through our link (or the logo above)

We will earn a commission cheque for purchases made through this link. However, all commission cheques will be made out to Croi our charity partners for 2013.

So by doing something that may save your life you are also giving to help save someone else.

Thankyou & be safe out there.

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Stuart said...

Everyone loves it when folks get together and share opinions.
Great website, stick with it!