January 12, 2012

The Circuits Circus comes to Town (9th January)

The Circuits came to town last night and I decided it was time to make and effort and target those weak legs that were being drained of power last year.

One of my neighbours manages the Kingfisher Gym at NUIG and he had invited me a couple of times previously to join a group of them on Monday evenings to do some circuit training. In fairness, Barry is a fairly handy runner and I was a bit concerned about being a lot out of my depth, so kept putting it off.

He collared me at the Resolution Run, so I said, "Sure, thanks! I'll see you Monday".

That's why at 8pm last night I cycled down to the meeting point (2.1k, all counts) with some trepidation. Very quickly put at ease as I recognised most of the guys, some serious runners well below 40min 10k and Pat (another neighbour) who is a triathlete too, and some other guys (I will get all the names right!) who were less sure of themselves than I was, so good company all round.

As one of the guys put, it the group was made up of men in shorts and serious men in tights. I was in tights.

Clarinbridge Celtic Cross
We started with a relaxed run to the village, round the square and into the green. It was quite funny as we, a group of 12 men, stood in a circle around the Celtic Cross, the full moon was shining through the trees behind us and it must have looked 'quare' to the lads smoking outside Jordan's pub across the road as we did our salutations to the cross!

First Set:
4 x 10 pushups - steady to feel the pressure and recovery, breath through each.
3 x 10 triceps dips off the benches - legs straight and full stretch to get a deep lift.

Jogging back up the avenue to Kilcornan House, the serious guys (in tights!) ran around the back of the house to meet the group on the steps.

Second Set:
3 x 10 Burpee jumps (see video below)
20m Fireman lunges - deep long strides giving a stretch to the groin also.
20m side lunges / stepping over a low wall. Switch to other side at 10m.

Run back around the house (400m ) to meet at the front.

Third Set:
3 x 5 Left x 5 Right Single leg jumps onto the wall
10x both legs onto the wall. All controlled with a pause at top and bottom.
10x rapid steps, quick feet up the steps and fast back by the ramps.
Repeat steps to the other side, balance the stress on the hips.
Plank or bridge. I was good for 1min of the plank having done tons on Sunday.

That was the session done. Four of us decided to cool-down by running to the gate and back before calling it a night. I also has the spin home.

All told 4.2k cycling, 7k running 1000cal burnt and one sore pair of legs today!

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