January 7, 2012

1st swim of the year. #pethate (4th January)

I managed to find a little time just before lunch so I pointed myself in the direction of the pool.
Knowing that there would be some 'serious' lunchtime swimmers I wanted to get in early to avoid any pressure. There was one guy in the fast lane who was obviously in the middle of a set and a chap breast-stroking the full width of the second lane, taking him time doing his says-aerobics or whatever he was at.
I sat in at the top of the lane, feet in the water gauging the tempo of the faster swimmer when the other lad finished up. Grand, I'll slip in to the slow lane and have an easy session.
I was aiming to do a 1500m session with a mixture of technique drills and straight forward swimming just to break the duck and get back after 3 weeks off.
With yer man ploughing up and down the next chap joined my lane after 250m and proceeded to push off just in front of me.
A group then arrived in to the fast lane, obviously a regular crew of stronger swimmers, and they did their thing. 

Then aqua-man appeared.

This guy was fully kitted out; snorkel, fins and paddles. What does he do? Yep, bales into the easy lane and bates his way up and down weaving in and out between myself and this other chap. 

I had no plans to knock myself out staying ahead of him so I stuck to my guns and stayed steady for a while. He was with the other group and was pacing with them so should have been in their lane.
Eventually in frustration at his ignorance of common manners I got out. I wasn't there to get stressed! I learned afterwards about the aqua-man moniker and his reputation for ignorance precedes him. Must be nice to be known for being like that ...

All in I did 1100m some of which was quality, the rest was crap with no real rhythm. 

Note to self: laminate 'Pool Etiquette' in A3 and leave at head of lane.

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